ThePrivateBot is Bringing Amazing WoW Bots Back

This WoW Bot is the perfect tool for a quick leveling & farming process, featuring customizable profiles from the members of our community.

ThePrivateBot benefits from the latest improvements of our main project, TheNoobBot, designed for official World of Warcraft servers.

We currently support Pandashan 5.0.5 and 4.3.4 servers, but we are capable of providing new versions of TPB to support almost any other private server (5.0.4 and up) on demand!

Our team has the experience and dedication necessary to produce premium quality World of Warcraft bots quickly. Our main project, TheNoobBot, was the first bot in the world to support the official 5.0.4 patch. TheNoobBot was released directly after server restart, almost two weeks before Honorbuddy (the current leader of the WoW botting market) was released!

Our WoW Bot includes multiple built-in modules, the gatherer is the most used of them.

ThePrivateBot includes :
  • The Archaeologist
  • The Battlegrounder -BETA-
  • The Damage Dealer (a DPS only module)
  • The Fisherbot
  • The Gatherer (ressources oriented)
  • The Grinder (creature oriented)
  • The Quester -BETA-
  • The Tracker (work with minimap)
  • Standalone version of the Milling feature
  • Standalone version of the Prospecting feature
ThePrivateBot in action, videolink !

main frame ingame results

To access our ThePrivateBot free trial, you must create an account, after that you will be granted full access to the free trial.

The trial version of the bot stops working after 20 minutes, and you must reload it after that.

If you want unlimited access to reach an advanced game level with the bot (while you are not at home, working, or to use it while you sleep), you must purchase a plan starting from 24 hours.

ThePrivateBot for Pandashan

Check out TPB v2.5.0 (5.4.2) released on 04/25/2014. Read the forum changelog.

ThePrivateBot for PandaWoW

Check out TPB v2.5.0 (5.4.2) released on 04/25/2014. Read the forum changelog.

ThePrivateBot for 4.3.4

Check out TPB TNB v1.1.3 (4.3.4) released on 05/01/2013. Read the forum changelog.
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